What is SPC?

What is SPC?

SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic Composite, features a core that is comprised mostly of blended Calcium carbonate (limestone) in addition to polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Therefore making it heavier, more stable and better than the traditional 100% pvc click vinyl flooring.


SPC is the newest product in the flooring market and overcomes disadvantages and replaces traditional products such as plastic flooring, LVT flooring, natural wood flooring, Industrial wood and many others. All our SPC is CE, ISO  and FloorScore certified. Other certifications consist of Slip rating, Fire rating and others all tested to ISO standards making it fully compliant for Commercial use. 

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Being 100% waterproof makes for ease and comfortable installation in areas such as living rooms, kitchens, bathroom, conservatories and summer houses. Flooring does not swell, buckle or lose integrity due to water.


Our SPC is fire Resistant and 100% compatible with all underfloor heating systems. With DS slip rating it is versatile for use in commercial environments such as hotels, offices, restaurants and supermarkets. Fire resistance tested to EN 9239-1 and ISO 11925-2. Slip resistance tested to EN13893



Our SPC comes with the world leading Unilin Click locking system. This makes for an easy DIY fit for professionals or you can fit it yourself, both saving time with an easy floating floor installation. Just put the flooring in a position make sure all joints are tightly connected. No need to use glue or special installation tools.

Scratch-resistant surface helps to extend service life with maintenance and cleaning of the flooring taking little effort. Easily wipe off water, stains, soil, and sand, eliminating any worries of scratching, staining or marking.


Why Choose SPC?

Uv-Resistant layer protects fading during use 

Transparent wear layer uses surface texture technology to create a hardness to increase fire and abrasion resistance

Wood grain paper layer uses 3D printing technology to create deep, true colour wood grain to bring natural beauty 

SPC super-hard core layer, for a stable surface, free from harmful chemicals, high water resistance, anti-warping termites

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The Unilin’s licensed click and lock system makes installation easy, offers 100% water resistance, absolute moisture resistance and brings high aesthetics to the floor. 
The system can be classified as an angle or basic locking profile, which means it has to be installed by an angular rotation movement (20-30°). Besides this angular installation method, this click & lock system can also be installed in a horizontal way by snapping the planks into each other. Both of the methods are simple and fast for installation

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