Multi-Purpose Acoustical Underlayment


Designed for:

  • Glue Down & Nail Down:
    • Solid Wood Floors
    • Engineered Wood Floors
  • Floating Snap Together Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles


Product Information

Made from recycled materials in a patented process where air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to absorb impact and airborne sound, Insulayment is the best acoustic underlay for wood flooring. This acoustical underlayment insulates the transfer of impact noise to lower level rooms and better supports wood flooring than commonly prescribed 15 lb asphalt saturated felt paper. Insulayment's sound ratings meet or exceed most building code requirements for multi-family dwellings.

Available in 3' x 33.4' (100 sq ft) - = 9.29m2 of coverage For futher information please Email or

  • Features and Benefits

    Sound Reduction - Absorbs sound, keeps it from traveling to other rooms. Also help to make the wood floor feel more solid underfoot.


    Glue Down Wood Flooring - The recycled fiber composition provides excellent bonding strength with adhesives and thin set mortars.


    Nail Down Wood Flooring - Not recommended where wood flooring is less than 3/8" thick or less than 3" wide.


    Smoothing Out Imperfections - This cushion is firm and supportive but flexible enough to form around subfloor surface roughness, helping to cut down on extra surface prepping time.


    Approved For In-Floor Heating Systems - Allows heat to permeate evenly while helping to protect the floor covering material from thermal shock.


    Insulating Value - Provides additional comfort to the entire home during seasonal temperature changes.


    Made From Recycled Material - A patented manufacturing process repurposes post-industrial and pre and post consumer materials into high-performance underlayment.


    Certified Clean and Safe Indoor Air Quality - No VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) or off-gassing from materials.

  • DriWick Technology

    Advance Moisture Protection


    DriWick Technology in QuietWalk premium acoustic underlayment for floating floors relies on a blend of antimicrobial treated recycled fibers that will wick away subfloor moisture while protecting flooring materials.

    • Water vapor is present in all concrete subfloors
    • Blocking vapors creates water droplets which spell trouble for floors
    • QuietWalk with DriWick Technology™ allows concrete to breathe never allowing vapors to become bulk moisture.
    • The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying floors from harm
    • Antimicrobial treated fiber for protection against mold and mildew
  • Technical Specification




    3mm +/- 0.2mm

    Size (sqft converted to m2)


    Weight per roll


    Antimicrobial protection


    IIC (impact insulation class)


    STC (sound transmission class)


    ΔLw (db) sound reduction


    Self-seal lip and Tape


    DPM (damp proof membrane)


    VOC Free (volatile organic chemicals)


    Thermal resistance R–Value

    0.57 hr-ft2

    Manufacturer Guarantee & Warranty

    10 year guarantee & limited lifetime warranty of the serviceable life of the floor covering used

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