Virgina Hickory SPC Flooring

Virgina Hickory SPC Flooring

Elegantly combining the old and the new

KC-CP Limited  & AMYGRESSPC SPC flooring is the perfect foundation for a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity. With the classic style, it has become a favorite because it cherishes the valuable marks of time, whose beauty is thanks to the semi-manual surface treatment.
Ho Dao wood texture panels can work perfectly together in the same space - to create a stylish floor with a timeless impression. Virginia Hickory's natural elegance exudes an unswerving allure over time - especially when paired with a wide range of styles and sizes.

With an embossed finish will transform any home or premises.


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  • Technical Information

    Type: 2G Lock / 5G Lock

    Available  in 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm


    182x1220mm, 182x1524mm, 228x1220mm, 228x1524mm


    Residential: 20 Years

    Commercial: 10 Years 


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