Teton Oak Embossed SPC Flooring

Teton Oak Embossed SPC Flooring

Teton Oak includes 6 sizes with a embossed wood grain pattern, creating a sense of authenticity upon contact.

Oak is very popular in the UK & Europe because of its high colour consistency and excellent wood quality.  The Teton Oak collection simulates the perfect beauty of this oak, bringing a new trend in interior design. The BST's surface is smooth, smooth, and brings a sense of luxury and classic, especially when applied in residential spaces, offices, exhibition areas, art spaces, .


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  • Technical Information

    Type: 2G Lock / 5G Lock

    Size: 182x1220mm, 182x1524mm, 228x1220mm, 228x1524mm

    Available  in 3.5mm , 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,


    Residential : 20 Years 

    Commercial: 10 years

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