Sany+ Air Sanitising Compressor

Sany+ Air Sanitising Compressor


Sany+ Air Sanitising Compressor

The Sany+ Air Compressor, from NARDI, is a professional oil-free compressor designed for efficient and safe sanitisation of spaces, helping to protect customers, colleagues, and the public.

  • Designed for disinfection and sanitisation
  • For all types of public and private spaces
  • Protects customers, colleagues, and the public
  • Micronebulises sanitising liquid through a unique
    spray gun with specially-designed spray nozzle
  • Produces fine mist down to approx. 50 microns
    or less, to ensure surfaces are disinfected but dry
  • Quick and easy sanitisation of surfaces, including
    hard-to-reach areas and more confined spaces
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight design


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  • Technical Information

    Technical Description:

    ITEM NO. 04289
    Input Supply 230v (13A)
    Motor Power 0.5hp (350w)
    Max. Pressure 30psi (2 bar)
    Liquid Delivery 60litres/min
    Noise Level 72dB(A)
      Spray Gun
    Capacity 700ml
    Air Nebulisation ~50 microns
    Working Pressure 30psi (2 bar)
    Hose Length 5 metres
    Gun Weight 350g
    Net Weight 7.00kg
    Gross Weight TBC
    Packaged Dimensions 290(H) x 500(W) x 165mm(D)

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