Designed for:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Natural Stone Tile
  • Marble Tile

Product Information

The QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Radiant Heat mats are a unique floor heating system with anti-fracture membrane installed under thin-set installations of tile, stone, marble, and other masonry flooring materials in residential and moderate commercial installations. QuietWarmth is a safe and efficient electric floor warming mat for indoor/interior only applications. It cannot be used for exterior snow melting applications. It is intended for installation below tile, stone, marble, and other masonry flooring materials.

QuietWarmth is thinner than a credit card and will not raise the floor height, eliminating any extra self-levelers or messy mortars. It is clean, quiet, hypoallergenic, and maintenance-free while providing even heat, without any hot or cold spots where installed.

Same day flooring installation - peel and stick the mat to the subfloor, route the lead wires, and start tiling!

Available in the following sizes in both 120v and 240v:

1.5' x 5' (7.5 sq ft)
1.5' x 10' (15 sq ft)
3' x 5' (15 sq ft)
3' x 10' (30 sq ft)

120V Heating Panels

QWT1.5X5F120 1.5' x 5' 73.47 0.64
QWT1.5X10F120 1.5' x 10' 151.62 1.26
QWT3X5F120 3' X 5' 164.5 1.44
QWT3X10F120 3' x 10' 339.5 2.98

240V Heating Panels

QWT1.5X5F240 1.5' x 5' 73.47 0.32
QWT1.5X10F240 1.5' x 10 151.62 0.63
QWT3X5F240 3' X 5' 164.5 0.72
QWT3X10F240 3' x 10' 339.5 1.49


  • Ultra-thin, conductive ink film technology - For ceremic, porcelian, natural stone, and marble tile.
  • Peeland stick installtion – Connect up to 150 sq ft of mats wired in parallel on 1 thermostat with 120v systems, and 300 sq ft of mats on 240v systems
  • Cut to fit length
  • Fast installation, no extra mortars or mess - 30 minute installation time (based on 60 sq ft area)
  • Energy efficient: up to 6¢ per hour (based on 60 sq ft and typical use)
  • 12 watts per sq ft
  • Available in 120v/240v
  • UL listed for safety


Control temperature with an available floor sensing thermostat

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