Manchuria Tamo Embossed SPC Flooring

Manchuria Tamo Embossed SPC Flooring

 MANCHURIA TAMO can create a harmonious or contrasting space.

ronwood is always known as a precious wood, it converges many advantages and brings benefits to people. It can be mentioned as: solid, able to withstand high impact, very good resistance to termites and pests, and especially the natural wood grain appearing on the wood is very beautiful, it has a perfect double helix. Inspired by the unique texture of this wood, Manchuria Tamo BST was born from there. With light tones and delicate and soft lines, contributing to the natural beauty of Manchuria Tamo Collection. With modern beauty, easily suitable for many architectural styles, it is recommended to use for interior tiles in office items, houses, luxury villas, hotels, cafes.


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  • Technical Information

    Type: 2G Lock / 5G Lock

    Size: 182x1220mm, 182x1524mm, 228x1220mm, 228x1524mm

    Available  in 3.5mm , 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,


    Residential : 20 Years 

    Commercial: 10 years

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